Queen of Clubs (Diamond Edition)


Queens of Clubs Trilogy: Diamond Edition is a remix album by singer-songwriter Nadia Ali. The Diamond Edition is the final installment in Ali’s three-part compilation, Queen of Clubs Trilogy: The Best of Nadia Ali Remixed. The album was released on December 20, 2010 by Smile in Bed Records.


1Rapture (Gareth Emery Remix)3:37
2Call My Name (Max Graham and Protoculture Remix)3:47
3Ride With Me (DJ Shogun Remix)3:30
4Triangle (Michael Badal Remix)4:12
5Point The Finger (Lost Stories Remix)3:44
6Promises (Walsh & McAuley Remix)3:40
7Mistakes (Rassek Remix)4:13
8At The End (Hardwell Remix)3:14
9Who is Watching (Tone Depth Remix)3:52
10People (Eelke Kleijn People of the Sun Remix)3:39
11Crash and Burn (Kered & Kiraly Remix)4:08
12Love Story (Andy Moor Remix)3:34
13Fine Print (Alex Sayz Remix)3:56
14Fantasy (Starkillers Remix)3:41
The night I laid my eyes on you
felt everything around me move
Got nervous when you looked my way
But you knew all the words to say

Then your love slowly moved right in
All this time oh my love where you been

Mi amore don't you know
My love I want you so
Sugar you make my soul complete
Rapture tastes so sweet

I'm mesmerized in every way
You keep me in a state of daze
You're kisses make my skin feel weak
I'm always melting in your heat

Then I soar like a bird in the wind
Oh I glide as I'm flying through heaven

Since we connect behind closed doors
Spark this fire even more
No telling where we will be next
Surrender to your rapture arrest
Lay your head, let the slumber float
Can't resist, that's why words - I wrote
Baby I want you so
I crave your touch and want you close
Every time you come to mind
My tender heart just melts inside
I can’t resist those thirsty lips
My eyes can’t take that look you give
I’m calling for you I hope you know
I fiend for you every time you go

Take control…

Honey you just have a way
To give me pleasure and forget my cares
So come to me, don’t worry love
I won’t lie to you I can’t get enough
You make cry when you’re inside
My heart and soul is yours for life
Just don’t let go, you got me hooked
You give me shivers when you take control

Call My Name Now…
Don’t you talk; you know I’ve heard it all before
That I’m deserving of something more
You think I’m worth it but you’re not the one willing to give it

I don’t need you to make me a promise
Although it’d be some wishful thinking
But you know I think real and it’s too up in the air to not bother me

I believe I know I will find it
All I need is written within me
I was only asking if you’d ride with me
Through this thing called life

I won’t stop it’s not a question
I’ll take off without directions
With you or not, I’d get over and forget
If you wouldn’t come with

All you say is you want me with you
Go on and on but how is it true
Forgive me for this doubt
If we build a home in sand, it’ll only wash away

Good things don’t always come
Knocking at your door
Good things come to those
Who want to share with that someone
Don’t you, don’t you, want to come along?
One day, one day it’s here and another it’s gone
Jack loves Jane but Jane loves Joe
But how could she ever let Jack go
It’s obvious everyone can see
The trouble with this trilogy
Hearts don’t come…
In sets of three

So what do they do now?
There’s only one way to find out
It’s time to pick your prize and
It better be right, it better be right

This triangle has to untangle
Got to let it go
This triangle is too much to handle
Got to let it go

Jane loves Joe, but Joe’s with Jill
But Jane wants to be with Joe still
It’s bad enough it breaks Jack’s heart
It’s tearing their whole world apart
But how do you stop
When it’s gone so far
Why the long face?
I don’t want to hear you out
In the old days
I would let you run your mouth
But it’s a different day now
Got someone different here now
I know you feel like I let you down
Oh but you pushed me out

You can try to point the finger at me
But you knew this would happen
I would move on and find someone who would see
I was worth keeping
I was worth keeping

I know that inside
Everything you meant was well
But from the outside
One would think you never felt
Anything towards me
You left me feeling empty
But everything still turned out fine, no thanks to you

When a glass breaks it never goes back the same
You can vow eternity but I will never take your name
Everything we ever had best to keep it in the past
Everything we ever felt I don’t want to remember back

You can try to point the finger at me
But you knew this would happen
I would move on and find someone who would see
I was worth keeping
All your promises, I've said before
They're only words to fill the space, you won't explore

All your promises, I'm so naive
Because I wanted you and wanted to believe

Where? Where do we go, where do we go from here?
After all the thoughtless things we said
Where, where do we go, where do we go from here?
Now that all the- all the love is dead

You held the secret key straight to my soul
I gave it all to you- you took more than you know
Oh the bitter truth is that I'm better off without you
And I still I know, to let you go will take me years to do
You can’t imagine what I felt
Those days everything fixed itself
Worries, I didn’t have one to sell
Believe me I know I was no angel

Cause I learned the hard way
Made a mistake after mistake

You can’t imagine my surprise
To hear that you moved on and found yourself a new life
Where was I when all of this took place
Please don’t say that it’s too late

Guess you learn the hard way
Keep on making mistakes after mistakes

You were supposed to be
You were supposedly
The only one that knew me
I was supposed to be
Wasn’t I supposedly
The one you loved truly

But I learned the hard way
Make those mistakes after mistakes
And so I learn the hard way
Won’t make those mistakes again, no more mistakes
When you're away I feel empty, I lose my mind
But when you're around I take for granted, most of out time

Honey, you say that I'm cold
And sometimes I'm out of control
Baby you know how I am
At the end, you are always my man

I don't mean to , when I hurt you
But I need you , I assure you
Just let me be when I'm crazy
At the end you're still my only

Right when you're gone
I really miss you, you got my hear
But when you come back
I just won't kiss you,
and it tears you apart

Honey, I do make mistakes
Believe me it's better this way
Baby I'm true and I'm real
I'm giving you all that I feel

At the end, at the end, at the end

Sweety I'm trying my best
To give you the most and no less
Darling I'm true and I'm real
I'm giving you all that I feel
Is it stinging?
The acid in your stream
Hear the ringing
Of voices in between

You picked this tune to play
And you had to have your way
Got your masterpiece
But you don't seem pleased

So here it is
Custom made
You wrapped the world
Around your finger
Did you take on
And endless tower
Has your spring
Turned into winter
You're frozen cold
A one man show
But who is Watching?
There's no one watching...

Now you got it
everything you asked
burned your bridges
so why you turning back

My doors won't fit you through
Your head's too heavy to
What could I give you now
I'm still the same tale

So here it is
Custom made
You wrapped the world
Around your finger
Did you take on
An endless tower
Has your spring
Turned into winter
You're frozen cold
A one man show
But who is watching?
There's no one watching...

You can't go back
and you can't come back
Why, oh why
Do people lie
Where, oh where
Do people
Come from

When they take you down
And they break you down
Into tiny pieces
As they watch you drown

and I won’t stop
I won’t stop
I won’t stop
I won’t stop

Truth be known
I have died and reborn
Their control
Won’t trample my soul

Cause I’ve made of stone
And I’m not alone
I would do it all again
Than to never know
You knew me better than anyone ever
And I remember your very first letter
We were so young and all that we wanted was more
We fit each other like rebels on Harleys
and I knew how to answer your body
but at the speed that we drove we were bound to wash out

We flew rockets to the sun
Knowing we’d crash and burn
And that’s the risk we run
When you fall in love

I could read every word you were thinking
You gave me something I never was given
It was heaven and hell all at once as we laughed and cried
There always needs to be one that is willing
To throw a rope down to someone who’s slipping
But sometimes you gotta know when to let it go

I would not change a thing
All the love, all the pain
You were my everything
It will always remain
It was all worth it...
If you ask me, I will say it
You make me smile, it’s contagious

And in your eyes, I can see it
Cause your heart is the greatest

I can’t be without you
So don’t go anywhere
You show me love like no one else
Has done yet
And with the road ahead
This is the beginning
Of this love story

When I’m with you, I am taken
With a feeling the feeling that you’ve been chosen

What a longing, it’s the best thing
In a long time I’m not broken
I’ve been holding back
I’ve been holding back

You're like a moving star
I can't get close enough to you
Been months I got your call
Our falling out, we slipped right into

You were an ace for me
My crazy heart got hold of you
Your hand called every bluff
I had to fold and let it go

Since I saw you last
I've been holding back
I figured I should
Do just that
I thought I'd crack
But I smiled instead
I'll let you
Read the fine print

I walk a line between
The thoughts of now and where I've been
Today the grass is green
I've got it all, so why reminisce?

I'm just a mermaid who is
Not content with waveless oceans
Sometimes the gusty wind
Is what I need to feel again

Read between the lines
For what got left behind
But I can't say, I'll hold it down
The weight of seeing you now
How do you always know what I will say?
You seem to know me in the clearest way
I want to run and hide, keep you from finding me
You shouldn’t see, what is my mystery

But with the timing right
It could be paradise
To do this now
Would not be right

So stay away from me
You’re better off to stay as far from loving me
Just stay a fantasy
In the dark, in the night and in my dreams

I was just fine, yes I was fine I thought
I didn’t think that I would get so lost
To have and not to hold and to pretend I’m cold
It is a lie ‘cause I melt every time

Stay... away from me

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